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The cultural trail has arrived in front of Bass Photo! You know, it just showed up one day. Not really. There was six months of dust and a bit of traffic congestion but it was well worth it.


It was interesting to watch the workman make this path with one paver at a time. When you think about it that is how we get things done in life, “one paver at a time”. As you can tell we are excited. We have said for years we are in the last under-developed quadrant within the mile square here in downtown Indianapolis. But now it is taking on a whole new wonderful appearance and feel.

Kathy Planting Flowers

Kathy sprucing up Bass Photo

This last Saturday we did our Spring flower planting at the studio. How nice it will be to have these wonderful colors and shapes greet us each morning. Our building faces East so the morning sun through the trees sprinkles patterns of light all over the front. We so enjoy being part of the downtown business community.

Our flowers is one little way we can add a moment of pleasure for customers and passers by. Often it is little things in life that add a whole bunch of pleasure i.e. first cup of morning coffee, early morning quiet time, dinner and a movie with my dear heart, a visit with our son, taking our three grandchildren out to dinner, riding the Cultural Trail on our bikes, planting flowers at Bass Photo and the “small things” list goes on and on.

Have a wonderful summer and we hope you take a lot of photographs and enjoy the little things.

Kathy & Gerry Abel

Here is Bass Photo today

Bass Photo Spring 2012

Bass Photo Spring 2012

and here is Bass Photo in the “30s

Bass Photo in the '30s

Bass Photo in the ’30s